Itama project – webinar for the scientific knowledge diffusion

Within Itama project, on Saturday, April 10 2021 9:30 am is organized a webinar for the scientific knowledge diffusion.

The project develops innovative ICT tools for health services able to anticipate the times and improve the accuracy of the diagnosis of celiac disease; avoid invasive examinations, especially in paediatric age; reduce the costs of the disease generated by the delay of the diagnosis

Are you a medical professional that is interested in learning more about Coeliac Disease Diagnosis? Then join the Scientific Committee for a webinar on the ITAMA project and the work done by the project so far.

The event is organized through an online platform that broadcast scientific works in real time and with the possibility for the user to interact with the Scientific Committee.

In addition, scientific documentation is enriched by downloadable handouts.

Registration is free of charge by filling in the form available online.

Hereunder is possible to download the webinar program

Download files