INTERREG V-A Italia-Malta Programme – Public Notice n. 3/2022 – Pre-publication

INTERREG V-A Italia-Malta Programme – Public Notice n. 3/2022 – Capitalization actions of the results of cooperation projects financed by the INTERREG programme V – A Italia Malta Priority axes I, II, III – Pre-publication

Pending the adoption of the decree approving the Public Notice no. 3/2022 – Capitalization of the results of cooperation projects financed under the INTERREG V A –Italy-Malta Programme under priority Axes I, II, III of the programme and the related communication in the Official Journal (Gazzetta Ufficiale), the Managing Authority of the INTERREG V-A Italia-Malta Programme discloses that are online on the website of the Italia-Malta programme the text of the public notice and the preparatory documents  for the project proposals submission.

The text of the Notice is reproduced for information purposes only and has no legal value.

For the expiry of the terms for the submission of applications, therefore, it will be necessary to wait for publication in the Official Gazette of the Sicilian Region (Gazzetta Ufficiale della Regione Siciliana).

The objective of the notice is the capitalization of the results of the INTERREG V-A Italia Malta programme to:

  1. Obtain additional results compared to those already achieved (ready-to-use)
  2. Generate more impact by extending or replicating the experience (scaling up)
  3. Integrating results into policies and Programmes (mainstreaming & embedding)

The ERDF resources, for each Axis and specific objective, allocated for this public notice are as follows:

  • Priority Axis I: Euro 801,961 (ERDF) under Investment Priority 1.b – Specific objective 1.1;
  • Priority Axis II: Euro 340,529 (ERDF) under Investment Priority 3.a – Specific Objective 2.1 and Investment Priority 8.e – Specific Objective 2.2;
  • Priority Axis III: Euro 1,768,702 (ERDF) under Investment Priority 6.d – Specific Objective 3.1 and on Investment Priority 5.b – Specific Objective 3.2.

This pre-publication will also be carried out on the website

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