European Cooperation Day at Mahdia

As part of the international cooperation project MED DE.CO PLAGES, funded by the European Union and realized in partnership with the Municipality of Mahdia and the National Institute of Marine Sciences, sensational events were organized for the celebration of the “European Cooperation Day”.

On Saturday 01 October 2022, beginning from nine o’clock in the morning in the outer space of the Ottoman Tower, the city of Mahdia was involved in the celebration activities of the “European Cooperation Day”.

In the presence of the Tunisian National Authority and young students, numerous initiatives were held on the protection of the natural heritage and the environment.

Sensational events have been organized such as workshops for the ecological beaches of the Mediterranean basin and the ecological bike ride (download the photos and follow the link

Following was organized the FLASH MOB “A Mediterranean of peace and cooperation”.

The initiative, carried out in collaboration with the event “A Scuola di OpenCoesione” of the OP ERDF Sicilia 2014/2020, involved hundreds of young people, many flags, choreographies, colors, languages, stories and traditions to launch a message unity of cooperation action between peoples (download the photos and follow the link )

The activities will continue on Monday, October 3, in Palermo, Favignana, Ustica and Gozo

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