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Home Page - ENG, News 31 March 2021
Progetto i-waveNET – Varata la Boa ondametrica

As part of the  i-waveNET, project, funded under the Notice 2/2019 of the Programme, the wave buoy of Mazzara del Vallo has been lauched to …

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Enisie Project – Call for selection for the WP7 implementation

A selection is announced for no. 1 assignment to carry out the “Communication & Innovative Services” activity in implementation of ENISIE project WP7. ENISIE project …

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MOVE ON Project – Experts Research

The Consortium ASS.FOR.SEO ltd as Lead Partner of the project “MOVE ON – Mobilità transfrontaliera attraverso l’erogazione di voucher” financed under the Program Notice 2/2019, …

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About us, Home Page - ENG, News 4 March 2021

It is online #COHESION, the first issue of the Web Magazine on cohesion policies edited by the Italian Agency for Territorial Cohesion. Communication plays now …

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MOVE ON Project – PP2 HERMES Corp. Lim. is searching for a First Level Controller

MOVE ON Project – PP2 HERMES Corp. Lim. is searching for a First Level Controller. Application could be submitted ’till 15.02.2021. For detailed information please …

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Home Page - ENG, News 1 February 2021
Info Sessions

In the first and second week of February 2021, the online information seminars will be held for the partnerships of the projects selected under Notice …

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Home Page - ENG, News 9 October 2020
Upgrade of the Italian long lists of first level controller

With decree n. 607 / SV DRP of 30 September 2020,  the “Long List di Revisori/controllori del Programma di Cooperazione ENI Italia Tunisia 2014/2020” and …

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Calls, Home Page - ENG, News 7 October 2020
Pubblic notice 2/2019 – Ranking lists of the specific objectives 2.2 – 3.1 – 3.2

With decree n. 584 / SV6 DRP of 29 September 2020, the Head of Dipartimento Regionale della Programmazione ratified the ranking lists of the specific …

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Home Page - ENG, News 29 September 2020
Welcome to the new website of the INTERREG V-A Italia-Malta Programme

The Programme website is now renewed in graphics and contents arrangement so to reach the citizens, the companies and all the potential beneficiaries of the …

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